In recent times the Shmee150 network and brand has been growing to an extent that it has no longer been possible for Tim to run everything alone. Alongside the time spent filming videos and travelling across the World to create the latest content and meet with followers, there have been vast numbers of e-mails, calls and messages requiring replies.

To cover the incoming workload and allow Tim time to focus on the content and fans, a team has formed to cover many of the general business aspects of the Shmee150 brand. The members of the Shmee150 team are mentioned below, you can get in touch with them via the contact page.

Marc Rutten
Name: Marc Rutten
Role: General Business & Communications Manager for Shmee150
Description: Marc is the main point of contact on the subjects like general business, sponsorships, content deals, social media, PR and marketing. Acting as the first point of contact for companies, organizations and brands that would like to connect to the Shmee150 brand. Currently running the daily general business together with Tim. Marc has also been Tim’s co-driver on many other events across Europe.

Dan Green
Name: Dan Green
Role: Talent Manager for Shmee150
Description: Dan Green is the Managing Director of the international agency Represent Talent Management. Working across all areas of motoring and motorsport, Represent provides outstanding specialist management services for some of the world’s most well known automotive on-screen presenters. Working across global media platforms, Dan matches major broadcasters and brands with motoring talent, such as Tim Burton aka Shmee150.

Patrick Whelan
Name: Patrick Whelan
Role: Online Director for Shmee150
Description: Patrick Whelan is the Online Director of the international agency Represent Talent Management, who specialises in SEO and content development. Patrick concentrates on the online aspects of motoring and motorsport industry, working to increase brand recognition through natural content partnerships. Working across all social media platforms, Patrick highlights and connects brands with motoring talent, such as Tim Burton aka Shmee150.

Ben Beighton
Name: Ben Beighton
Role: Filmer and Video Editor for Shmee150
Description: Ben Beighton is a racing car driver who isn’t only fast on the race track but also behind a laptop with Adobe Premiere Pro editing the latest Shmee150 videos. Ben joined the team in 2016 and was part of the crew on the 2016 Gumball 3000 rally. If you ever see Ben, make sure to shout his real name which is Peter. 😉

Sebastian Treffert
Name: Sebastian Treffert
Role: Content Creator and Social Media Content Specialist for Shmee150
Description: Sebastian is Shmee150’s driving force behind the social media channels on Facebook and is our main photographer. Sebastian lives in Germany and has a BMW 1M Coupe in his garage. Together with Nitish, Joey and Phil, he runs the social media pages and makes sure that specific content is being shared and created on a large number of social pages.

Nitish Deshpande
Name: Nitish Deshpande
Role: Content Creator and Social Media Content Specialist for Shmee150
Description: Nitish is our content creator from India with a passion for fast cars and motorsports. He works together with Sebastian, Phil and Joey on the development of our Facebook, DriveTribe and Wheelcrowd channels. Nitish is on top of the news, follows many websites and channels, and is our daily reporter in the automotive world. Nitish also creates online content for us in written format.

Joey Mensen
Name: Phil Bradley
Role: Content Creator and Social Media Content Specialist for Shmee150
Description: The man from Britain! He worked for The Supercar Kids as a content creator and joined the Shmee150 team in 2016 as social media content specialist running a large number of social media pages and creates content for DriveTribe. As part of the team of Sebastian, Phil is our man sharing and planning a large number of daily content, while also creating many of the stories, quizes, and written reviews on DriveTribe.

Joey Mensen
Name: Joey Mensen
Role: Social Media Content Specialist for Shmee150
Description: Our flying dutchman in the team is Joey Mensen. Always available to fly or jump in when our team requires some extra hands to make it all work. Joey works with Nitish, Phil and Sebastian on the social media front, and he is expanding his daily workload with new initiatives in the social space. He got his first taste of the supercar dream in Monaco during Top Marques Monaco 2016.

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