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It’s probably no surprise that the various Shmee-inboxes get loaded with tonnes of messages on a daily basis, so as hard as I try to respond to everyone, it’s a difficult task! To make life easier for you, I have made a short list of frequently asked questions which you can find below.

General questions and answers

Hereby a number of general frequently asked questions about Shmee150 and me:

Where did the name ‘Shmee150’ come from?

    Shmee was a name I started using for websites back in the days of 28k dial-up internet when I was around 9-10 years old, it stuck and has stayed with me around websites, online computer games and all sorts since. The 150 was added upon discovering a website where shock-horror ‘Shmee’ was already taken! As with most private YouTube channels, it was never originally intended to become what it is now, so the name hasn’t changed through to today!

What does ’87 TB’ mean?

    The number plate on my Renault Clio is 87 TB, not only does the plate look symmetrical and very smart on the car, but my initials are TB for Tim Burton and unsurprisingly 87 is my year of birth. I think most people who watch my YouTube videos think I’m younger than that, which is no bad thing!

Why don’t you have the plate ‘SH17 MEE’ or ‘SH69 MEE’?

    The UK road authorities, called the DVLA, have not issued these plates for obvious reasons. The plates are simply not available, and will never be available for customers to buy and/or use on their cars.

What made you do YouTube?

    What got me into making videos in the first place? Join my run down memory lane in this video and you know it all.

How did it become what it is today?

    I sat down to discuss my start on YouTube and how it has become what it is now! Watch the must-see video right here!

What camera do you use?

    You can read all about my gear (cameras, laptop and mobile phone) on a special page. You can find the page right here!

What is your job or how did you make so much money?

    You will find the answer on the About Shmee150 page and via the two videos linked on the About page.

Why don’t you ever mention pricing in your videos?

    With different regions and prices changing over time, given the nature of the Shmee150 content with an international audience and videos lasting for an unlimited timescale, I tend to avoid the topic as it goes out of date too quickly. I suggest you as a viewer to search online and find your local pricing on car sales platforms and websites of manufacturers.

Where do you live?

    I upload videos from around the world as I’m regularly travelling to places like Paris, Monaco, the USA or the Middle-East, but I’m based in London.

What got you into cars?

    My grandfather has always been an enthusiast and was a rally co-driver. He also got into supercar rallies as seen below with my cousin in his Noble M12 GTO at age 82! He passed the bug to my father who in turn passed it to me. I also watched another cousin taking part in the 2002 and 2004 Gumball 3000 supercar rallies, which sparked the desire to do this kind of thing myself!

What is your favourite car?

    This is the most difficult question you could ever ask me. There is not a single car I prefer the most, however I really like the following cars; Ferrari F50, Lexus LFA, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series and the Porsche Carrera GT. This is among many other cars, including my own, which I truly adore and enjoy a lot while driving.

Can I visit the Shmuseum?

    Unfortunately, public visits at the Shmuseum are not a possibility. The main reason is that the Shmuseum and its private barn are located at an active farm, which doesn’t allow public visits in any form.

Can I learn more about your cars?

    Watch this video and you learn all about my Shmeemobiles. I will explain unique details, the idea behind their specification, the choice of number plate and I might even start up the car for you.

Sam Moores’ podcast

This doesn’t happen often! Shmee150 in a podcast. Take a listen to the 2-hour podcast with my friend Sam Moores, photographer of many famous Shmee150 photos over the years and close friend of 20 years. You might not know that ‘my’ second car ever was actually one we shared… Enjoy the podcast!

    4:42 = How did it all start?

    15:32 = When did you start talking to the camera?

    17:32 = Is there a team behind Shmee?

    57:37 = Is Tim the same as Shmee?

    1:03:57 = Who even watches your videos?

    1:07:00 = What sort of thought process goes into your car buying?

    1:09:51 = Are any of your cars “forever”?

    1:17:31 = The prevalence of “special edition” cars nowadays

    1:27:17 = Driving the Senna

    1:29:02 = The stories behind the cars (including SLS BS)

    1:33:33 = Why don’t we see you in race cars often?

    1:36:57 = How do you feel about the dropping values of your collection?

    1:44:44 = When will you buy a Lamborghini?

    1:46:58 = How did you break your back?

    1:53:30 = 5 Questions

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