Shmee150 FAQ

It’s probably no surprise that the various Shmee-inboxes get loaded with tonnes of messages on a daily basis, so as hard as I try to respond to everyone, it’s a difficult task! To make life easier for you, I have made a short list of frequently asked questions which you can find below.

General questions and answers

Hereby a number of general frequently asked questions about Shmee150 and me:

Where did the name ‘Shmee150’ come from?

    Shmee was a name I started using for websites back in the days of 28k dial-up internet when I was around 9-10 years old, it stuck and has stayed with me around websites, online computer games and all sorts since. The 150 was added upon discovering a website where shock-horror ‘Shmee’ was already taken! As with most private YouTube channels, it was never originally intended to become what it is now, so the name hasn’t changed through to today!

What does ’87 TB’ mean?

    The number plate on my car is 87 TB, not only does the plate look symmetrical and very smart on the car, but my initials are TB for Tim Burton and unsurprisingly 87 is my year of birth. I think most people who watch my YouTube videos think I’m younger than that, which is no bad thing!

Why don’t you have the plate ‘SH17 MEE?

    The UK road authorities, called the DVLA, have not issued this plate for obvious reasons. The plate is simply not available, and will never be available for customers to buy and/or use on their cars.

What camera do you use?

    You can read all about my gear (cameras, laptop and mobile phone) on a special page. You can find the page right here!

What is your job or how did you make so much money?

    You will find the answer on the About Shmee150 page and via the two videos linked on the About page.

Where are you going this year?

What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven?

    The top speed was 203 mph in a Lamborghini Aventador at The 200 mph Challenge run by Best of the Best. You will find the video here!

Where do you live?

    I upload videos from around the world as I’m regularly travelling to places like Paris, Monaco, the USA or the Middle-East, but I’m based in London and Frankfurt. Frankfurt is where my girlfriend lives and works, which is why I am often in Germany.

What got you into cars?

    My grandfather has always been an enthusiast and was a rally co-driver. He also got into supercar rallies as seen below with my cousin in his Noble M12 GTO at age 82! He passed the bug to my father who in turn passed it to me. I also watched another cousin taking part in the 2002 and 2004 Gumball 3000 supercar rallies, which sparked the desire to do this kind of thing myself!

What is your favourite car?

    This is the most difficult question you could ever ask me. There is not a single car I prefer the most, however I really like the following cars; Ferrari F50, Lexus LFA and the Porsche Carrera GT. This is among many other cars, including my own, which I truly adore and enjoy a lot while driving.

Who’s your favourite racing car driver?

    Lewis Hamilton, not only does he get to race in F1 but he has a Pagani Zonda 760 LH tucked away in his Monaco garage!

How much mileage have you done in each of your cars?

    At the end of 2017, I had this mileage on each of my cars: 4.2K miles in the Aston Martin GT8 in less than 12 months, 9.8K in the LT in 16 months, 20K miles in the FF in 28 months, 12K in the Focus RS in 18 months and 3K in the GT R in 8 weeks.

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Questions answered in YouTube videos

Why am I not posting car spotting videos anymore?

What has been the most fun car you have ever owned and the most fun car you have ever driven?

Why did you buy so many cars around June 2016?

Why don’t you do charity donations instead of buying all those cars?

Your dad must be paying for all those cars, clearly daddy’s money?

Are manufacturers paying for my cars?

You are just buying cars to flip them, aren’t you?

Why did you not buy a hypercar, but instead a whole collection of cars?

How much does it cost to own a Ferrari?

Why do all my number plates say SH**MEE?

Why don’t you own a Lamborghini?

Why do you keep buying cars, why don’t you buy a nice house with a big garage?

Why do you always say cheers at the end of your video?

Have I sold any cars at the end of 2017 that you did not know about?

Do I see myself getting married and getting kids in the future?

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