Where's Shmee 2015Image Credit: Alex Penfold Photography

Where’s Shmee round 3! For the third consecutive year a Shmee150 mega Eurotour is taking place in April surrounding the Top Marques event in Monaco. The trip takes us on a 24-day adventure throughout Western Europe towards the French Riviera and back.

Things kick off on Saturday 4th April 2015, before the Shmeemobile McLaren 650S Spider departs on the journey to 9 countries, 3 major events, a host of race circuits, manufacturers and tuners, and more automotive destinations.

This year there’s a new twist and not only will the Shmeemobile be joined throughout by a new Shmee Team car that’s soon to be announced, but a full crew from Nightshift Studio will also be covering the entire adventure for an upcoming Sky television documentary!

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The trip breaks down into three even sections, heading South towards Monaco as a trio, the period based in Monte Carlo itself, and then the return leg home alongside a group of friends in 15 supercars!

Part 1

On Saturday 4th April we will host our first Shmeeting in central London, revealing the Shmee Team car in person alongside a number of the cars that will be involved in the tour – keep reading for more information about this.

Sunday 5th is our official departure, taking the Eurotunnel towards France and on to Paris where on Easter Sunday we will host the second Shmeeting. On Monday 6th it’s a long drive towards Reims, Luxembourg City for the third Shmeeting and on to Stuttgart in the evening. Stuttgart plays host to a number of automotive activities before we set off towards the Alps and some fun driving roads.

It’s then down into Italy and the supercar heartland around Modena of Pagani, Ferrari and Lamborghini followed by our attendance at Cars and Coffee Brescia, a fantastic event that will also include a visit to the Mille Miglia museum. Our final leg will then take us through the winding motorways towards the Riviera and into Monaco!

Part 2

Based in Monaco, Top Marques is firmly on the agenda and we can announce that the Shmeemobile McLaren 650S and Shmee Team car will be present in the Top Marques drive paddocks! We’ll be offering select people rides in the cars around the town.

A Monaco Shmeeting will be held on the evening of Friday 17th April and no doubt if you’re in town for the weekend you’ll be seeing plenty of action.

Part 3

After what will inevitably be a very special week in Monaco, it will be time to depart for what’s set to be an incredible journey towards the UK. With the success of the return leg during the 2014 tour where three friends joined the drive back towards the UK, this year’s trip hosts a total of 15 cars during the various legs!

Kicking off from Stars N Bars in Monaco’s harbour on the morning of Tuesday 21st April, the group of supercars will head through the Route Napoleon and on to Grenoble. Let two crosses through Switzerland to Lake Como before the third day ventures North and into Dornbirn, Austria. The fourth day will bring us back into Germany and a schedule lunch stop and Shmeeting at Motor World, Boblingen on Friday 24th April before the group head on to Cologne.

Saturday takes us to Spring Event from Petrolhead Events, for the third consecutive year the Shmeemobile will be present at Weeze Airport for the event consisting of drag races, a track layout and drift area. Sunday it’s a visit to the Nurburgring for all the cars attending where we will rent cars from Ring Garage to take out onto the track. After a long day it’s dinner at the famous Pistenklause restaurant and on to Brussels for the final night. All that’s left is catching a Eurotunnel back home, say farewell and getting ready for a jolly good rest!

McLaren 650SImage Credit: Alex Penfold Photography

Highlight Events

Where's Shmee 2014Image credit: Tiziano Casareto Photography

Spring Event, Germany
After attending last year’s Spring Event at Weeze Airport, the Shmeemobile and companions from the tour will be returning to take part in the main event on Saturday 25th April. Ninety supercars will take part in the 2015 event, hitting the track, drag strip and forming the display at the airport.
For more information view the website!

Cars & Coffee Brescia, Italy
After a fantastic experience at Cars & Coffee Torino in 2014, the team will also be attending the event in Brescia, new for 2015. The supercars will gather in hotel grounds over lunch before heading out for a convoy in spectacular scenery towards the Mille Miglia museum in Brescia.
For more information view the website!

Top Marques, Monaco
Top Marques arguably doesn’t need much by way of an introduction, now the fifth consecutive year for Shmee150 and it has always been a huge amount of fun, especially during the multi-day event in 2013 with the Audi R8 Spyder, and 2014 with the McLaren 12C. TMM consists of a four-day indoor exhibition combined with the entire town being overrun by supercars galore.

For those of you who would like to visit the Top Marques Monaco show, you can get tickets via the venue’s website www.grimaldiforum.com or www.topmarquesmonaco.com.

Shmee150 Team

Things are being done differently for the 2015 Where’s Shmee tour, with not only the Shmeemobile McLaren 650S Spider taking part in the event but additional a Shmee Team car, and also a film crew!

With a requirement to transport more luggage than in previous years, extra goodies to hand out to followers, and more gear, this time will introduce a Shmee Team vehicle accompanying the McLaren! The car will be sporty, exciting, and very interesting to use for the adventure.

On top of the two Shmee150 vehicles, Nightshift Studio will be accompanying the tour with a professional film crew creating a documentary titled “Living the Supercar Dream” for Sky television. If you spot the crew filming please do not hesitate to engage and discuss your supercar dream, they’d love to hear from you!


Where's Shmee 2015Image Credit: Matthias Kierse

Following the success of 2014’s follower meetups, we are re-introducing the Shmeetings for 2015 and have a great line-up! Full information, confirmed timings and locations will follow in the very near future.


When? Saturday 4th April, 18:30 PM – 19:30 PM
Where? South Carriage Drive, Hyde Park, London, UK
Details: On the southerly road in the park, towards the Exhibition Road junction
Location: Google Maps Link


When? Sunday 5th April, 16:30 PM – 17:30 PM
Where? Champs-Elysees, Paris, France
Details: Outside Fouquet’s
Location: Google Maps Link


When? Monday 6th April, 13:30 PM – 14:30 PM
Where? Monument of Remembrance, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Details: In front of the monument
Location: Google Maps Link


When? Sunday 12th April, time TBC
Where? Brescia, Italy
Details: Attending Cars & Coffee Brescia for private lunch followed by drive to Mille Miglia museum
Location: Google Maps Link


When? Friday 17th April, 18:30 PM – 19:30 PM
Where? Top Marques Paddock 2, Plage du Larvotto, Monaco
Details: Meet in the 2nd paddock of Top Marques Monaco
Location: Google Maps Link


When? Tuesday 21st April, 08:30 AM – 09:30 AM
Where? Stars N Bars, Quai Antoine 1er, Monaco
Details: Departure venue for tour to UK with 14 supercars
Location: Google Maps Link


When? Friday 24th April, 12:00 PM – 14:00 PM
Where? Motor World, Boblingen, Germany
Details: Lunch stop for supercar tour
Location: Google Maps Link


When? Saturday 25th April
Where? Weeze Airport, Germany
Details: Entry for ticket holders only
Location: Google Maps Link


When? Monday 27th April, 12:00 PM – 13:00 PM
Where? Babouin Autoworld, Parc du Cinquantenaire
Details: Photoshoot by the arches
Location: Google Maps Link

Looking forward to catching you on the road!