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Welcome to the world of Shmee150. Join me, Tim Burton and my McLaren 12C Coupe 'Shmeemobile' on our adventures in the supercar world. Follow all our updates and latest news while I am living the supercar dream. Thanks for taking the time to visit, I hope you enjoy the upcoming videos!

Aventador Crash – Moment of Impact

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This is the unfortunate moment of impact between a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 and two other cars on Sloane Street in London's Knightsbridge. Footage shot by Thomas Melsens, copyright owned by Shmee150. Please do...

McLaren P1 Incredible HOT LAP Onboard

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Time to jump on board McLaren's £866,000 P1 hypercar for two laps around the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. With McLaren driver, Tim Mullen at the wheel poking a little fun here and there, we fly around the South Ci...

McLaren P1 – The King of FLAMETHROWERS

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One word: WOW. McLaren's new P1 hypercar is a force to be reckoned with, a 903bhp force at that. Taking to the circuit at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, two factory P1s demonstrate some tremendous flames from the centre-mou...

Lamborghini Aventador Cooking the Christmas Turkey

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Collecting the Christmas Turkey in the R8 Spyder

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Today i'm Collecting the Christmas Turkey in my Audi R8 Spider for the second year running. We have also found quite an interesting way of cooking it. So watch the next video where i join my friend and get this bird c...

Road Trip in the Koenigsegg CCR Revo [Shmee's Adventures]

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A Day with an Aventador Roadster [Shmee's Adventures]

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Tron Aventador fires EPIC FLAMES!

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Where’s Shmee 20: Route Napoleon

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Today's leg of the Shmee tour has been fantastic! The Route Napoleon is a lot of fun, and was made even more exciting by convoying down with some friends! The cars in attendance were the Shmeemobile, a Porsche 9...

Where’s Shmee 19: Top Marques Monaco Clearup

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Where's Shmee Leg 19 was yet another day in the awesome land of Monaco! Today was the Top Marques Monaco clear up, which meant the show cars were leaving as the show had come to an end.Today also involved meeting up w...

Where’s Shmee 18: Another Day in Monaco

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So, as per usual, today was an awesome day in Monaco. The opportunity was taken today to check out the actual car show in a bit more detail, and see what they have on display inside Top Marques Monaco. ...

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Announcing Where’s Shmee? 2014 Tour

11.74K Views22 Comments

It's that time of year! Top Marques Monaco is beckoning in mid-April and as such an epic tour is being taken to meander down through Europe to the French Riviera. Kicking off on Thursday 3rd April, a 25-day tri...

Where’s Shmee? 2014 Fan Meet and Greets

4.12K Views6 Comments

From 3rd to 27th April I will be off an epic adventure around Europe, the 2014 Where's Shmee? Eurotour. For all the information about the routes, stops and other details, please see this post. Here you can find...

Where’s Shmee 7: Techart, Gemballa, and a Motorworld Fan Meet

1.66K Views5 Comments

On leg 7 of the Where's Shmee Tour 2014, I've been busy visiting Techart, and Gemballa, where I had the fun of testing out some of their amazing tuned cars! At Techart I had a drive in the 911 Turbo S and a blasted do...

Where’s Shmee 2: Amsterdam Meet and Greet

3.46K Views5 Comments

The second leg of the Where's Shmee 2014 tour is now complete with another great day whereby myself, MsShmee and the Shmeemobile departed Bruges and have arrived in Amsterdam, where we'd organised a 'Shmeeting' meet &...

Gumball 3000 2014: Miami to Ibiza – Questions & Answers

7.47K Views5 Comments

We've been receiving hundreds of questions about this year's Gumball 3000 and rather than try to reply to everyone individually (which is next to impossible), here are some answers to the most frequent questions! ...

Where’s Shmee 5: PACE, Manhart and RSR Nurburg

1.52K Views4 Comments

Today on the Where's Shmee 2014 Tour, I went out and visited PACE, and had a look at their cars, before setting off and having a browse of Manhart's offering as well as taking some of the cars out for an exhilarating ...

Where’s Shmee 3: Spring Event 2014

2.00K Views4 Comments

Today marks completion of the 3rd leg of the Where's Shmee 2014 tour, and what a leg it was! Having left Amsterdam, and arrived at Weeze airport, Germany, I was greeted by a multitude of cool supercars, all taking par...

Where’s Shmee 6: Visiting Brabus

2.69K Views4 Comments

Today on the Where's Shmee? Tour 2014 I had the pleasure of visiting Brabus! Brabus is the largest Mercedes-Benz tuner other than the in-house 'AMG' tuner, and also specialises in tuning Smart cars and Maybach. The co...

Where’s Shmee 11: Cars and Coffee Torino

2.51K Views3 Comments

The Italians sure know how to put on a convoy. As you can guess, and entry statement like that, comes after a day of epic supercar fun. The Cars and Coffee Torino event was a blast, and absolutely awesome to take p...

Where’s Shmee 17: Even More Fun in Monaco

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Another day in Monaco has yielded another exceptional plethora of supercar spots. Monaco  is definitely the place to go if you want to see some cool, rare and expensive kit. Check out the pictures from today and look ...

Where’s Shmee 13: Convoying the Italian Coast

1.67K Views3 Comments

Today on the Where's Shmee Tour 2014, we convoyed to Monaco!  Driving alongside a very noisy (a great kind of noisy) Ferrari 599 GTO we made our way to the supercar haven; and what a haven it was, with the new Ferrari...

Where’s Shmee 8: Porsche Museum and VOS Cars

1.03K Views3 Comments

Today on the Where's Shmee Tour I've had a look around the Porsche Musesum and in the process have laid eyes on some cool automotive kit! After this I had an awesome time filming the sublime Novitec N-Largo at VOS Car...