SHQUAD Sticker Pack

SHQUAD Sticker Pack

Price:  2.99 incl. VAT

Get your hands on the SHQUAD sticker pack and place it on any surface, such as the window of any car, the rear of your own automobile or for instance on the cover of your laptop. The pack features three stickers. You will get one sticker of each version (Ford GT – Liquid Red / McLaren 675LT Spider – Orion Purple / McLaren Senna – Cerulean Blue). Be part of the SHQUAD!

Decals and stickers are a new addition to the store, but what is the difference between a sticker and a decal? Decals are normally used in case of long term outdoor use and are supplied with a pre-masking sheet, so upon application are transferred from one sheet/medium to another.

Unlike a traditional “sticker” which is removed from it’s backing paper and stuck where-ever, these vinyl decals are being transferred (often in multiple pieces) from the masking sheet to a smooth surface. Here in the shop vinyl cut lettering and graphics are referred to as “decals” and all other one-piece, outdoor printed vinyl or clear polyester as “stickers”.

For a complete overview of all stickers and decals click here!

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