Shmee150 in the USA!

It’s time for my dream US road trip! For over a decade I have planned to one day send a car across the Atlantic Ocean for an epic American adventure and there could not be a better time to do it than now with the ultimate American supercar; the Ford GT.

From gleaming metropolises dotted with soaring skyscrapers to picture-perfect coastlines, the tour will share the best of the best from the luxury automotive and supercar scene in the United States. The journey starts in the week of the 15th of July from New York where I will be visiting a series of dealerships, collectors and local YouTubers. My next stop is Philadelphia after which I will make my way down to Atlanta before an extended stop in Miami.

In mid-August, the trip continues whizzing over to California with visits to Los Angeles, the annual Monterey Car Week and San Francisco before returning to LA to wrap up the first part of the tour. You can follow my complete journey on YouTube and Instagram via this hashtag.

Ford GT

Photo by Amin Siala follow him here!

The second part of my Ford GT tour starts early October on the 3rd and ends early November. The trip will bring me from the west coast of the US back through the central states to the east coast. Along the way I will of course share which locations I have visited and where I am heading next. My planning is not fully set and a lot will change last minute.

Unfortunately, I won’t be planning any Shmeetings or fan meets along the way since they were really hard to plan and schedule in the first part of the tour during July and August. Add this to a series of unknowns when it comes to my tour planning and I would not be able to commit to a fixed schedule of Shmeetings planned along the route. I hope you understand my decision on this matter and you will be able to enjoy the US-themed content that is going to be released between early October and early November.

Questions? Reach out to my team!

If you have any questions, filming ideas or other remarks, then please share them with my team via the contact page on this website. I won’t be able to reply to the messages myself, but my team will get back to you as soon as they can.

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