Time to switch-up my sunglasses after so many comments from you! Oakley got in touch and invited me down to their Covent Garden store in London where you can custom personalise a set of glasses, and we’ve even arranged that one Shmee150 follower will be able to head in and do the same!

A couple of days after the launch of this video, a contest post will go out on the Shmee150 Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, and it will then be the first person to make it to the Oakley store at Covent Garden, find Andrew and say ‘Shmee150’ will win the prize!

There have been a lot of comments in recent months on my old glasses, so this follows up as a bit of fun changing to some new pairs. It also takes the Shmee150 channel a bit more lifestyle orientated following so many questions from you guys about a more normal ‘day in the life’.

Oakley recently introduced their One Obsession campaign, mine is supercars, obviously! #Liveyours