We jump in to @lathouras_p’s “daily driver”, the Koenigsegg Agera RS, for a run up to Aston Martin’s factory in Gaydon where we will be seeing my GT8 undergoing final inspection and ready to roll out!

Going to the home of Aston Martin is always fun, especially during the time my car has been on the line, but even more so when heading up on board a truly special one-off Agera RS, one of just 25 in total but finished in such an incredibly bespoke design. With a blue carbon bodywork, and even the monocoque being tinted in colour, the surface is finished with hand painted gold leaf in a distinct livery and gold touches throughout to finish it off.

We had a first glance at the car during Icons at the Lake last week but it’s even more special to experience using the car for a normal daily drive, even in poor weather. Huge credit to the owner for his passion for the car and willingness to take it out, of course his privacy is respected in the video itself.

Big thanks to @lathouras_p: http://instagram.com/lathouras_p