Shmeemobile – Subaru Leone 1.8T Stationwagon

A little known Shmeemobile, and actually my second ever car. During two summer periods spent in New Zealand in the southern hemisphere’s ski season I purchased a Subaru Leone Stationwagon for the grand sum of £700.

Subaru Leone 1.8T Stationwagon

The car was bought with the sole purpose of dumping in ski equipment to drive up the mountains on a daily basis, and equipped with super skinny tyres it did this very well.

Subaru Leone 1.8T Stationwagon

The Leone itself was a model imported from Japan to NZ as many older cars in the area are, bought by backpackers visiting the country for short periods of time. With no legal obligation for insurance cover (third party is covered by the government) the buying and selling process was so simple that everybody would pick something up short term.

Between the two seasons in New Zealand, the car covered around 5,000 miles, and was very much enjoyed!