Shmeemobile – McLaren 650S Spider

Unveiled at Christmas 2014, the McLaren 650S Spider was the Shmeemobile for the first half of 2015. After a fantastic year with the 12C Coupe during 2014’s events and activities the natural progression was to move to the newer model, 650S. Simultaneously, the change allowed the opportunity to jump back into a Spider.

The McLaren 650S Spider takes power up by 25hp on the 12C, and an additional 78Nm torque is available, this takes mind bending performance to even further extremes. The new car also features a new design akin to the P1 hypercar, revised suspension components and reworked steering feel amongst a host of minor improvements from the lifetime of the 12C. Most importantly of course is the opening roof, losing less than 5% rigidity over the coupe but offering the open air experience with a folding hard top that opens in just 17 seconds while on the move up to 30km/h. And when the roof isn’t folded down, you can either lower the rear window for extra noise, or use the area under the tonneau lid for additional luggage storage.

McLaren 650S Spider 01
Photo Credit: Alex Penfold Photography

The car was finished in Mantis Green, a pearlescent metallic finish, and loaded with carbon fibre goodies; including: front splitter, side skirts, rear bumper, side vents, door mirrors and the airbrake! Inside you found the usual extras; Meridian hifi, carbon trim, a leather/alcantara mix to the surfaces, reversing camera, and ‘the rest’. Let’s not forget the all important two options of the Sports Exhaust and Lifting System!

McLaren 650S Spider 02
Photo Credit: Pure Power Photography

During 2015, the 650S took part in a month-long Where’s Shmee tour around Europe in April, and the 2015 Gumball 3000 in May. In addition to those two epic events, there were a huge numbers of other events and activities throughout the year in which the car showed its face.

McLaren 650S Spider 04
Photo Credit: André Vieira – Photography‎

McLaren 650S Spider 03
Photo Credit: Sam Moores Photography‎

The car was purchased from McLaren Manchester, who offered a fantastic collection experience. Shortly after receiving the car, the McLaren went into Topaz Detailing London to receive a full clean and Level 3 detail before applying Paint Protection Film. A PPF is almost being invisible on the surface and with self-healing properties it’s an incredibly good way to keep a car’s paint looking in perfect condition for long time periods.

McLaren 650S Spider 05
Photo Credit: Alex Penfold Photography

The McLaren 650S Spider left the Shmee garage in August 2015 and was sold to a private UK owner who also is a Shmee150 fan. The 650S Spider was replaced by the 675LT, a coupe and more track-focused version in the McLaren Super Series.