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After revealing last week that I will be participating in the Autosport International show in the NEC Birmingham, I decided to create this blog post providing you all an overview with information ahead of the event between the 12th and 15th of January. There are two locations and venues where you will be able to see me or two of my cars. Let’s run you through both.

Shmee150 & Mr.JWW stand

First of all, there is a show stand in hall 19, where you can check out my brand new Aston Martin Vantage GT8 and James’ McLaren 675LT. Both cars are on display on the trade days (12th & 13th of January) and on the public days (Performance Car Show) (14th & 15th of January). The stand number is 19630.

Floorplan Autosport 2017

Shmee150 at the Live Action Arena

The Live action Arena is the UK’s largest indoor racetrack and every year it undoubtedly provides one of the biggest highlights of the show. Based in the largest hall of the NEC (hall 5) and seating 5,000 racing fans, the Live Action Arena is a unique experience, and I will be part of the live show with my McLaren 675LT Spider.

Sky sports F1 commentator, David Croft will present the show and you can expect some serious stunts and many famous people being part of the show. Please be aware that Live Action Arena Performances are really noisy, contain lots of smoke and there may be some strobe lighting.

Live Action Arena

On each of the trade days there is one live show at 14:00 local time. On the public days there are 11 shows, 6 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. The show is about 1 hour long. Between each show all the cars from the show will be parked in the paddock. The paddock viewing area is separated from the paddock by a low crowd barrier. In the paddock you can have a closer look at the 675LT Spider, access the Driver Autograph Signing sessions and a possible chance to meet me for a selfie or signature if timing allows!

Please be aware that not everyone attending the show can gain access to the paddock viewing area. Only people with paddock or VIP tickets have access to the viewing area! Standard tickets do not allow you access to the paddock viewing area. Please make sure you have the right tickets. For those of you who have standard tickets and want to upgrade, please contact the ticketing service or go to any of the ticket kiosks at the NEC in Birmingham and change the ticket.

You will find the schedule of the shows on the two days and ticket info via this link. You can also buy your tickets via the same link!

Where can you meet me and James?

I will be at the show on all four days, James will only be at the show on the public days (Performance Car Show) in the weekend. During the live shows I will be in hall 5 where the Live Action Arena is located. On Saturday and Sunday, I will NOT be on the stand at all until the end of each day.

Due to the amount of shows and the time between the shows I will not able to come over from hall 5 to hall 19 to meet you. This was a last minute change in our planning, and it means that you need to have a paddock or VIP ticket to get into the paddock viewing area, where you can see the car and have a possible chance to meet me for a selfie or signature if timing allows!

We have planned two Shmeetings on the Saturday and Sunday. Make sure to be at the stand in hall 19 at 17:00 local time. The live show ends at 17:00 and I will go directly from the live show to the stand to meet you! On Saturday I only have half an hour before I have to go back to hall 5 for the last live show of the day.

On Sunday, I will stay at the stand until the Autosport International event ends and the NEC Birmingham closes its doors. This is a special gesture for those of you who are unable to change their tickets last minute from a standard to a paddock or VIP ticket.

FIRST DRIVE in My McLaren 675LT Spider

If you have any questions than please share them in the comments below and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.