Shmee150 has been involved in the birth and growth of a number of related initiatives, you can find out more about these here.

Fuel Faction

Fuel FactionFuel Faction is a group of like-minded supercar owners with one objective: get out and enjoy their cars. Fuel Faction was developed from informal city meetups by supercar owners keen to drive with other people sharing the same passion. Now it has become an annual road trip event across the world, allowing like-minded people to enjoy their cars and the roads they are on. Membership to the Fuel Faction is strictly invitational and carries the requirement of supercar ownership.

McLaren Talk

McLaren TalkMcLaren Talk is the new home for all McLaren related discussion. From updates on the current models including P1, 650S, Sports Series, to discussion of the future and racing divisions.

The forum has launched to represent a central location for current McLaren owners to share their experiences, future owners to ask questions and enthusiasts for the brand to get involved in discussion.