You knew it would happen! Whenever I buy a special new car you can be sure that it will head to Topaz Detailing to receive a new car preparation and some paint protection film to ensure it continues looking as good going forward.

Why detail a brand new car I can already hear you asking. There are two reasons really, the first is that making paint look perfect is a manual process. Although manufacturers have a high finish quality from the factory (particularly Aston Martin), there is always room for improvement. As I like to run my cars with protection film over them to ensure that I reduce stone chips and scuffs over time, it makes complete sense to have the most perfect finish possible underneath. Not only does this help the PPF installation process by working on a great surface, it also means that the quality of paintwork underneath will forever remain through the film.

Topaz are the best in the business, so I like to give my cars the full treatment. In this case I really set a challenge on them with just a handful of days to get some prep work done to the Aston Martin Vantage GT8 prior to trucking it up to the NEC for Autosport International where the car is going to be on display for the public to see in the Performance Car Show.

A huge thanks to Topaz for their amazing work in making my new car look even more spectacular! Please see them at: