It’s road trip time again and with huge thanks to RaceChip, I’m heading off on an adventure in their new model Porsche Panamera 4S Diesel. The car on their demo-fleet takes the 4l Twin-Turbo V8 from 422PS/850Nm to 505PS/1050Nm via the secondary RaceChip tuning box that offers the opportunity to run in various different modes through a mobile app.

After recently putting out the question about what car could feasibly replace my Ferrari FF in due course, an awful lot of comments came in suggesting the new Porsche Panamera (albeit in Turbo guise). However, this adventure was already prepared and on the horizon so it fits very well to both experience the car and also demonstrate how the RaceChip functionality works as I think it’s intriguing.

To get started I visit RaceChip’s home to pick up the car and introduce it to you before getting ready to head on the roads.

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