Call me crazy, but having finally moved my cars into a better home, I seem to have found myself with an extra parking space – and that can only mean one thing, let’s choose a new car! I want it to be something to specifically use for various events this year like Where’s Shmee and Streetgasm as we go touring around Europe.

The plan was for the AMG GT R to fill the space but with the car arriving towards the end of summer, there’s space for something else to fill the spot beforehand, but what’s it to be!? This is where I’d like to gather suggestions from you, seeing as it will be you guys who see the content to come. To start the conversation, collect your opinions and categorise the thousands of comments and ideas we’ve set up a full page at Qutee, which is a new website that allows me to discover and filter conversations with you guys:…

The thinking had been an AMG GT S, but that would detract from the GT R experience so here’s some criteria to work from. We’re looking for a luxury GT car, possibly a convertible, from a supercar or prestigious brand. It doesn’t want to be a sports-sedan, or a hot-hatch, or a GTC4Lusso/Panamera that would replace the FF in due course potentially. Perhaps it should avoid being a V8 due to the GT8, 675LT Spider and AMG GT R all having the engine type, and naturally I have a draw to British brands like Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin.

As you know the spaces in my home garage have been awkward; they were all rented individually and dotted around the underground, they didn’t have access to power sockets for using trickle chargers and generally aren’t suited to these kind of cars being small and with steep ramps to access. As I explained in the video, other than the capital investment, the pure running costs equate more efficiently across a wider variety of vehicles so it is not an expensive exercise.

So, somehow, this has lead me to think that a 6th car can be on the horizon for these purposes, but I want to hear from you guys via Qutee so head over and fire your thoughts at me and choose your favourites in the polls!

I would also like to thank Richbrook for hitting me up with the tyre bags: More on their site:

Additionally the covers I have bought are from Specialised Covers, from whom a £30 discount has been arranged using code: SHMEE£30 at