The 675LT is back from the garage and ready to rock and roll at Supercar Sunday! As part of preparations to take all four cars down to the event, I needed to fill them up and get things ready – which also sounded like the perfect excuse to remind myself how the 675LT stacks up against the 720S now that I’ve driven it, and test out the new exhaust valve control on the GT8 a little more.

I can also introduce Fuel Faction DUE, the second FF tour that will take place around Italy – this time with some friends joining in the fun. The country is chosen as simply being one of the very best in which to drive and the tour will take us from Turin to Sardinia via Lake Como/Garda, the Dolomites, Venice, Bologna, Florence and across Tuscany to Rome and over to Sardinia. For further information, please make sure to follow: