I’ve decided everything has got a little bit out of hand so I’m going to sell all of my cars; the McLaren, Ferrari, both Astons, and even the Focus RS and the Mini… It’s time to consolidate and drive one single car that’s much more practical and all around rather than the complications that come with so many in the garage.

It is of course APRIL FOOL’S! But interestingly, this is the first time I’ve driven a Volvo, in my life (I think), the new S90 D4 and it’s not too bad to be completely honest.

After one or two more videos, I’ll be embarking on my annual Where’s Shmee Eurotour that’s taking in a few weeks of adventure across the continent. I’ll be stopping at Cars & Coffee Brescia, Car Freitag at the Nurburgring, the Motorworld in Suttgart and of course at Top Marques Monaco. More details will follow seen so keep eyes out on my social media pages but there’s a lot to come and hopefully some cool content that you’ll enjoy.

I hope this didn’t get taken the wrong way, just a gentle April Fool’s Day joke!