He’s only gone and bought a McLaren! After shopping around, Sam from SeenThroughGlass has picked up a rather nice McLaren 540C. He’s had his heart set on the Sports Series for a fair while and his brand new car comes equipped with a matte khaki military wrap (from Dub Customs) so naturally we met up to put the two together and discuss his purchase.

I feel like a little devil on Sam’s shoulder, having pushed him into the land of mid-engine supercars. We drove in my 650S, a loaned 650S in Dubai, the 570GT press launch, out in my 675LT and most recently we crossed in Dubai when I had a 540C to drive. It’s kind of been scripted out for him!

Sam’s full launch video is over on his channel now: http://www.youtube.com/seenthroughglass

Congrats to him, what a car!