A new incoming car means it’s time to say farewell to the former, and as such the Shmeemobile of 2015, the McLaren 650S Spider is on its way to find a new home.

The car is for sale from Alastair Bols Ltd, an independent McLaren specialist, http://www.alastairbols.com

As part of the process the 650S was cleaned and prepared at Posh Wash, where the fully Paint Protection Filmed car is still looking as perfect as ever thanks to the work carried out by Topaz Detailing earlier this year.

With everything fully ready and set to say goodbye to the car, it was time to open a present that had been arranged via the Shmee Team from Supercar Masterpiece, a photo realistic oil painting of the 650S in Monaco earlier this year.

If you’re interested in knowing more, please see here: http://supercarmasterpiece.com/?ap_id=Shmee150

Next up in the adventures on the Road to 675LT will be the specification and ordering process for my car, due for delivery a few months from now.